Alita: Battle Angel

Have you ever watched any good movies lately? I recently watched a cool one called Alita: Battle Angel. I think why you should watch Alita because it is an extraordinary movie. Why you should gaze at the movie because the story is worthwhile, the producers have spent millions of dollars on excellent special effects, and it appeals to your emotions very well.

First of all, anybody who is a movie lover or not a movie lover would want to watch this movie, because the movie is so well made. When you see in 3D and you experience it as if you were in the adventure itself. The movie is so futuristic, when you watch it you can easily imagine that you are in the future. You’ll be completely thrilled when you watch the movie, just like I was, when I watched it in 3D. I was thrilled by the intense action and impatient  to find out what happens next. The details were precise and the topic was completely aimed to Alita and how everything came to be.

If that doesn’t convince you then maybe this will. Producers have spent millions of dollars💵 to make this movie as perfect as it can be for audiences just like you. The technology they used was very expensive, but worth it for the results. If you look on the web and search for “Alita motion capture” you can see how much effort they have put into this movie.

If you don’t know what motion capture is, it is basically “the process or technique of recording patterns of movement digitally especially an actors movement for the purpose of animating a digital character,” according to Wikipedia. When you see the movie and you look at Alita and the actors next to her it doesn’t look like animation at all. And the way she kicks butts looks all real. Dua Lipa sang a song “Swan Song”. The song completely characterizes Alita and her past life that she doesn’t remember at all.

Thus, why you should watch Alita: Battle Angel is because it is definitely excellent to watch, thousands of technicians have worked their butts off, and motion capture is outstanding. I really want you readers to watch the movie. And if you are going to watch it you better hurry ‘cause the tickets 🎫 will get sold out!

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