Day 2 of GSM

This is where the real adventure starts. We went to a hiking trail toward Grotto Falls. The difficulty of the trail was medium, or moderate, and the hike was 2.6 miles round trip. The falls did look pretty and there was a good amount of wildlife there. I found baby Eastern Woodrats and a salamander. This place is known for a lot of salamanders. I also went behind the waterfalls! After we were done with hiking, we ate at No Way Jose Cantina’s which was really good for lunch, and then we went to SkyLift Park: a tram in Gatlinburg. It was totally worth it because you get to cross the United States longest bridge for pedestrian suspension bridge, which has a glass bottom in the middle of the bridge. Sadly, I didn’t get to cross it because it closed. But the attendant said we can go tomorrow for free.

Near bridge
A stream

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