Day 4 of GSM

I woke up bright and early when the sun was shining. Today is a big day, well I thought at least. We were going to Cade’s Cove and, a lot of people on Google reviews said that they have a least saw a black bear. I was terribly disappointed with the day that we chose to go. While we were in the car going on an 11 mile loop, we just saw flabbergasting scenery. And yes, a field of nothing. Suddenly all cars stopped and some people said that they have seen a mama bear and two cubs. I was downhearted because I could not see any black bears, and on top of that I used a binocular and they didn’t! All my hope drowned in a sewer drainage system after I experienced that. No bears or any other wildlife in Cade’s Cove visiting us on that day. Other than the pretty scenery, I was dreadfully disappointed in Cade’s Cove.

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