Day 5 of GSM

I would say that this day would be the best day out of all of the days. My parents and I were going on a hike to Laurel Falls that was 2.6 miles round trip, while I was slurping berry juice from Starbucks. The mild elevation was what made the hike hard, otherwise it would be easy. While I was enjoying the drink and the scenery, out of nowhere there was a tourist who said,”There is a BLACK BEAR coming in your direction.” Then out of nowhere I saw the cutest, wild animal I have ever seen in my entire life jogging toward me and my mom, that looked very concerned. It was a baby Black Bear and it was SO cute. I was so stunned I stood in place and looked at the bear in awe. After we saw the adorable bear, my parents and I walked step-by-step to Laurel Falls. Finally in an hour, we arrived to the falls. It was very beautiful and worth the walk. After we finished hiking we drove to go horse-back riding. After 2 hours, we arrived at the horse-back riding center led by National Park Service. After we registered, I got a horse for riding named, Scooter. At first the ride was very bumpy and my horse was going very fast. Then, I saw streams along the way and one wild adult black bear. So I used the reins to control Scooter’s speed. If he went too fast I would have to slap him with the reins, according to the guide (sadly). This was a very enjoyable experience for me and so was the hike.



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