Why do you need to work hard to be successful?

Do you think getting a hundred on a test was because you are smart, or was it because you gradually work hard and tried to get a good grade? Even though you got a hundred, you are diligent to accomplish your goal. Hard work is the effort of trying your best to complete or achieve your mission. As a matter of fact, when you are determined to fulfill your objective, you automatically start trying your best.

For instance, Outcasts United, by Warren St. John, Luma the soccer coach, was determined to unite a team called the Fugees. Sadly, her attempt into pushing the team failed. She tried her best to make the kids run laps, juggle soccer balls, score goals, pass the ball, and many more. The issue was that the kids weren’t taking her seriously because she is a woman. Some of the kids judged her and did not listen to her. When the first game started, they were miserable. They played as an individual, and not as a team. When Luma realized that, she worked on some ideas to make them win and to prove them wrong. After she made the Fugee’s work repeatedly so much at their third game they finally won. Consequently, to be successful means, you should strive to target your dreams or ambition.

Another example is every year starting from third to twelfth grade, there is a state test called STAAR. This state assessment that I study for, is what colleges look at. If I want to go to my dream college(MIT), then I have to be conscientious for it. I get good grades on the STAAR by taking previous STAAR tests, practice tests, Khan Academy, books, and etc. When I do all of this, I usually get none wrong on the STAAR test. This is because I practiced and I am committed to do well on the test.

All things considered, working hard in order to succeed can happen in any job, grade, or person, but no matter if it is with me or the soccer coach, we always put our best foot forward to succeed!

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