First Lego League(FLL) Competition

We walked into the high school and registered for our team. Then we found a table and placed all our items to win the Qualifier match. Then, I waited for the rest of my teammates to arrive(7 total). After that, when the rest of my teammates arrived we took pictures and gave offerings to our robot. That’s a mini ritual that we do, so the robot will do well in the game. We got called to do our innovation project, core values, and robot design. Overall, we did very good(that’s what I think) and that was what we were hoping for. First, we did our Innovation Project and we secretly saw our rubric and got ALL excellent in our Innovation project. Then, we did Core Values and then Robot design. We gave the judges lemonade and hoped for the best. We came back to our table and relaxed, so we can do our robot game. Suddenly, we saw other teams giving out stuff and then we decided to use our Popsicle sticks and wrote “E-lemon-Ators” and “good luck”. That was successful. Duh. After some time, we ordered Taco Bell and ate it. Then the robot game started. We had 3 rounds. 1st round was okay; the blocks fell due to gravity. 2nd chance was good; except the robot did NOT go on the bridge. 3rd chance was horrible; the robot did horrible and gyro drifted. We waited HOURS to get the results. For the robot game we got 280 points which is really good for a rookie qualifier match. Finally, we got the results. The first result was that we got 3rd place robot game which was 280 points. But then, the speaker announced,” They had matching clothes, matching shoes, and matching accessorizes. For the championships award we have chosen 4…..8……0……0……9 THE E-LEMON-ATORS!!!!!” We raced up and got the award for 1st place in championship. That is the BEST out of BEST! We also advanced to the next level which was regional.

REMEMBER, “When life gives you lemons, E-LEMON-ATE them!”


What is FLL? — FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is a program that supports children and youngsters in order to introduce them to science and technology(STEM) in a sport.This is worldwide. Every year in August, they release a challenge to work on. During the season you will learn a lot of topics. Core Values plays a major role. Core Values are things that you learn like Discovery, Impact, Fun, Innovation, Teamwork, and Inclusion. Another topic is Innovation project. This is where you will invent the problem we face related to the challenge. Robot game is where you create your own robot with the EV3 MindStorms kit and battle against other robots by completing as many missions with multiple points.

What is my team’s name? — E-Lemon-Ators. My team’s number is 48009. Follow us on Twitter @FLL_48009

Can anyone join? — kids from elementary to middle school can create or join a team with a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 10 people.

Is this only in the United States of America(USA)? — NO! This is worldwide tournament. There are 4 Levels that vary if you are in USA or not. If you are in USA, there are 3 levels qualifying, regionals, and world. If you are NOT in USA, there are 4 levels qualifying, regionals, NATIONALS, and world.

If you have any questions, comment down below.

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