Day 4 of my adventure to Yellowstone NP and Grand Teton NP

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Today we went to the north and northwest side of Yellowstone to look at Mammoth Springs and Tower Falls. There were occasional surprises along the way. First, we went to Mammoth Springs and saw an intriguing texture on the eroding rocks. When we were going to the car, we saw four female elks nearby and posing for us. After we went to the car we were heading to Tower Falls (which was closed down due to a sinkhole that damaged the road), we saw two coyotes playing and then hunting. It was far away but close enough to see clearly in the binoculars. After we realized that Tower Falls was closed for two more years because of the sinkhole, we went to Lamar Valley to observe wolves and bears, but we didn’t find any. I was dejected and sad that we couldn’t grab a perspective of any. On the flip side, I saw thousands of bison running from something I did not view. We also saw a pronghorn that was about to cross the road. I would say yesterday was more satisfactory than today. Although, animals are a gift in life and I must perish them and keep them safe. After all, my name means Earth (born to protect animals of all kind).

The wonderful Coyotes

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