Hawk vs Squirrel- 1/16/2021

Let’s just say that the squirrel wasn’t even close to winning…

I was slightly awake until my mom screamed at me that THERE’S A HAWK THAT KILLED THE SQUIRREL THAT WAS CHILLING ON OUR FRONT PORCH. I leaped out of my bed like a frog and rushed to the window without my contacts and squinted to find the hawk that strangled the defenseless squirrel. I almost exploded from deep anger because I couldn’t see where the hawk was until my mom zoomed in on her phone to show me. I went lightning speed to put on my contacts and I came back out. In a much clearer vision, I saw how the Cooper’s Hawk’s talons were right on top of the Eastern Gray Squirrel’s head like it wanted to pop its eyeballs out. The hawk then wobbled over like a penguin to a ‘secret location'(our front porch) and proceeded to rip it’s guts out of the squirrel revealing the blood, clots, and intestines. Right then my mom was out. Gone like the wind unlike me who was watching very intently. Did I mention that my mom lost her appetite? It was the same way I watch whenever I look at a BBC documentary or a National Geographic documentary. Eyes open and my connection to the world is gone. It’s like the feeling whenever I switch from transparency to noise cancelation mode on my AirPod Pro. I grab my Nikon camera and imagine that I’m filming a documentary for BBC and David Attenborough narrated it. The hawk was pretty cautious and very aware of its surroundings. One sound and its head was up scanning the area. After 20 minutes of gore and slaughter, the Blue Jays came to shoo away the hawk from their territory. First, one Blue Jay came and then another. After the hawk saw that he grabbed the squirrel by the neck, heaved the squirrel, and he launched out of the bushes and into the trees across the street. Seconds and not even minutes after the hawk went, Northern Cardinals, Northern Mockingbirds, Blue Jays, Chickadees, and more rushed to eat the seeds that they have been waiting patiently for. It was like nothing even happened. Now I see why these birds are omnivores and not carnivores. Couple of hours later, a squirrel came and sniffed at the same spot where the hawk was eating the other squirrel. I felt a remorse and was quite forlorn at the sight of this. That’s when it hit me. I was pretty inarticulate when I realized that was the squirrel’s partner. Now the partner was gone. Vanished. Into thin air. But this is nature. They will all eventually forget and also die. Nothing is meant to last long in this world. Only the one and only Mother Nature.

A feast for thy hawk. This is for mobile viewers

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q4NcQCIMTNKQYcEr1GgjmguFs6ehEvgH/view?usp=drivesdk This is the link for viewers on a computer.

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