A Texas Winter Like Never Before

I took my phone to check the weather for the next day, February 15th, 2021. The weather app gave a snow storm warning and had a 100% chance of snow on Monday. I was obliterated by the shocking fact of snow IN TEXAS. The last time there was a snowstorm in Texas that was severe happened in 1989! All night I had twisted and turned in my bed longing for the sun to rise.

As soon as my Google mini alarm clock rang, I got up faster than the speed of light and rushed to my window to see the snow. I was speechless. The blanket of snow made Texas have a true winter. I quickly brushed my teeth and put on my maroon, cozy hoodie and a teal winter coat that I’ve never used, and rushed out into Bob Ross’s art. The most beautiful form of water was laid out onto the side-walk, roofs, dead grass, and everywhere else where the sun touches the ground. The crisp snow underneath my cold shoes gave a surreal feeling like I’m not in Texas. My mom was out with me and we tried to make a snowman like Olaf. It looked like the deformed version of the Grinch. Can it get much worse than that? Apparently, there was a massive power outage that took over most of Texas leaving more than four million people without power. Unfortunately, our power left my family at 8:00 in the morning.

Blanket of snow
Me making a snow Angel

Instead of whining for no power, I went out and made a snow angel for the first time. Ironically, I didn’t expect it to look like an actual angel! I hurried back inside to have breakfast. My go-to meal was milk with Nesquik chocolate powder. After I finished my chocolate milk, my mom put on proper winter clothing and we decided to go for a walk on the white, frigid blanket. When I stepped out of the home, tons of birds were eating from my bird feeder. My mom and I walked cautiously to not disturb the birds. We started our walk around the block and felt the snow underneath us every step of the way. The snow crackled and made these abnormal sounds.

Northern Cardinal

Near the end of the block, out of the blue, were three birds that looked like they came out of a rock concert. They had “mascara”, “Mohawks”, and they looked so colorful. The black eyeliner on the bird made it look elegant and exquisite, while the crest on its head looks wild and savage. The tint of the blue, yellow, and vibrant red looks like it popped out of Picasso’s art. It was called a Cedar Waxwing and they were probably the most angelic bird I’ve ever seen in my 13 years of life. I filmed them with shaky hands from awe and joy. After a few minutes of being awestruck, I ran to get a better quality camera, the Nikon camera, but when I came back they were gone. I came back home and my mom decided to go for another round of walking to see if I can capture a picture of the waxwings. Suddenly, I saw more Cedar Waxwings on a crystal, clear puddle on the concrete road drinking water. I took a picture with a push of a button, but the snow that surrounded the water and the birds reflected the light from the sun causing the picture to look white. They flew away after a quick sip and I watched them go to a tree on the opposite side of the street. I took a few pictures here and there and quickly crossed the road with my mom. Sadly, the birds flew away due to a threat of a potential predator(me and my mom). On the flip side, I did get some pretty great shots and saw these new funky birds.

Cedar waxwing
Video of cedar Waxwing

In the evening, I had to set up romantic fake candle lights to brighten up the home, since there was no power. We had NO WIFI, which was a nightmare, but we did do some “family bonding”, and thankfully the fireplace was working. We had plenty of food, and our stove was a gas stove, so making food wasn’t a problem. My parents slept in the living room while I slept in my room. The day next was similar with a little bit of melted snow, but it was worse because the house was cold as a fridge and there was no WiFi. We would go to Whole Foods occasionally and connect to their WiFi and see the news. We spent another 24 hours without power until at 3:25 AM when the power came back on. We had 43 hours without power.

I was overjoyed but I felt like exploding like a volcano because our water pipe burst and left us without water. The plumber came on Wednesday and fixed the pipe what turned out to be a sprinkler pipe. During these times, I learned that snow can bring us happiness but also danger. The most important thing I learned though is, Texas CANNOT handle two inches of snow.

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