Fruitless Labor

Fruitless Labor 

By Doglover

The cuddly careful courageous cunning bear

Suddenly gave this nasty glare

His mouth was a waterfall when he looked at the elk

Waiting when the elk will yelp

He silently waited in the bushes

When he popped out of the bushes, all I saw was a huge furry potato

He whipped out his claws, and it all went out into a flow

He caught the elk between his waterfall mouth and ran into the willow

Battered and bruised, killing the elk cost him an arm and a leg

And he headed south to his bear friends

He sat on the dinner table and he munched on the velvet skin of the elk

In fact, the bear bit off more than he could chew

He sang to his bear friends and mumbled to the dead elk

The bear closed its eyes as he imagined more food when he took each bite

Only to find out the dinner had jumped out of his sight

He stood up and looked where the elk had gone

Only to find out that his bear friends were really some cons

The cuddly careful courageous cunning bear

Turned into a raging radical reckless bear 

Behind the woozy and poofy and droopy hair was really a demonic bear

He was aghast alert aggrieved 

His stomps and grunts shook the entire world

But the stomps and grunts can’t do anything 

As he’ll always be starved 

Tried to accomplish stuff but life is tough

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