Keel-Billed Toucan

Taken at Curi Cancha Reserve

Also known as the “rainbow” toucan, this giant beaked bird is one of the comeliest birds on the planet. The paradise bird has four different colors on its beak, causing it unmistakable to identify. The beauty of this precious bird and its call don’t unite together. It’s like a frog croaking that has a dry throat. This pterodactyl is common in Costa Rica, although its population is decreasing. This Rainbow Toucan was on top of the bare tree singing its so-called angelic song to find its mate. This flying banana has a beak one-third of its body! This toucan chilled for some time and sang with its heart out. It flew away after a few minutes, and it was breathtaking each moment of it. I took a few snaps before it took off, and I was grateful it stood around for a few poses!

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