Wetland January 7, 2023

As I stood by the river, I heard a loud splash and rustling in the bushes. A fence separated me from the source of the noise, but I was determined to investigate. Suddenly, a large black creature emerged from the brush. At first, I thought it was a bear, but I quickly realized that bears are extinct in South Texas. As it turned out, the creature was actually a giant hog. I was surprised to see it, as hogs are typically nocturnal. As I watched, more hogs emerged from the river and made their way to the other side. I managed to snap some photos, including one of the lead hog as it ran across the grass. I noticed a baby hog in the group as well. Despite their nocturnal habits, the hogs seemed to be out and about during the day. It was an unusual sight, and I couldn’t help but run alongside the fence as they fled.

While I was outside, I noticed some strange noises and looked up to see a hawk frantically screeching and protecting its territory and mate from a much larger caracara. It was the first time I had ever encountered a caracara and was surprised by its size in comparison to the hawk. The hawk was clearly agitated and intent on defending its territory from the intruding caracara.

In the heart of the swamp, a majestic ibis could be seen lounging comfortably with its one leg tucked away, its piercing blue eyes shining in the sunlight. The bird’s feathers were a stunning combination of white and black, creating a shimmering effect as it basked in the warmth of the day. Despite the peaceful atmosphere, the ibis remained vigilant, its keen gaze constantly scanning its surroundings for any potential threats. It was a magnificent sight to behold, a testament to the resilience and strength of nature.

Laddu shook himself when I took the picture. Look at his little tongue!

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