First Lego League(FLL) Competition

We walked into the high school and registered for our team. Then we found a table and placed all our items to win the Qualifier match. Then, I waited for the rest of my teammates to arrive(7 total). After that, when the rest of my teammates arrived we took pictures and gave offerings to our robot. That’s a mini ritual that we do, so the robot will do well in the game. We got called to do our innovation project, core values, and robot design. Overall, we did very good(that’s what I think) and that was what we were hoping for. First, we did our Innovation Project and we secretly saw our rubric and got ALL excellent in our Innovation project. Then, we did Core Values and then Robot design. We gave the judges lemonade and hoped for the best. We came back to our table and relaxed, so we can do our robot game. Suddenly, we saw other teams giving out stuff and then we decided to use our Popsicle sticks and wrote “E-lemon-Ators” and “good luck”. That was successful. Duh. After some time, we ordered Taco Bell and ate it. Then the robot game started. We had 3 rounds. 1st round was okay; the blocks fell due to gravity. 2nd chance was good; except the robot did NOT go on the bridge. 3rd chance was horrible; the robot did horrible and gyro drifted. We waited HOURS to get the results. For the robot game we got 280 points which is really good for a rookie qualifier match. Finally, we got the results. The first result was that we got 3rd place robot game which was 280 points. But then, the speaker announced,” They had matching clothes, matching shoes, and matching accessorizes. For the championships award we have chosen 4…..8……0……0……9 THE E-LEMON-ATORS!!!!!” We raced up and got the award for 1st place in championship. That is the BEST out of BEST! We also advanced to the next level which was regional.

REMEMBER, “When life gives you lemons, E-LEMON-ATE them!”


What is FLL? — FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is a program that supports children and youngsters in order to introduce them to science and technology(STEM) in a sport.This is worldwide. Every year in August, they release a challenge to work on. During the season you will learn a lot of topics. Core Values plays a major role. Core Values are things that you learn like Discovery, Impact, Fun, Innovation, Teamwork, and Inclusion. Another topic is Innovation project. This is where you will invent the problem we face related to the challenge. Robot game is where you create your own robot with the EV3 MindStorms kit and battle against other robots by completing as many missions with multiple points.

What is my team’s name? — E-Lemon-Ators. My team’s number is 48009. Follow us on Twitter @FLL_48009

Can anyone join? — kids from elementary to middle school can create or join a team with a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 10 people.

Is this only in the United States of America(USA)? — NO! This is worldwide tournament. There are 4 Levels that vary if you are in USA or not. If you are in USA, there are 3 levels qualifying, regionals, and world. If you are NOT in USA, there are 4 levels qualifying, regionals, NATIONALS, and world.

If you have any questions, comment down below.

Regional Qualifier FLL Match

Today is the day of regional Qualifier FLL Match. This tournament determines which FLL team will go to the world championship and only ONE team can go. Let’s start! We went to our pit where we set everything up and wait to do our presentations. When we went, we did innovation, core value, and robot design in the following order. Innovation was good, but one of the judges was grumpy. When we gave her lemonade though the judge got happy. Core values was next and I was very jumpy for this one! I think we did pretty well. Our team building activity was each team member took an emoji and using them we created a really random story that made sense. LOL. We gave them lemonade too. Next, we did robot design. I think we have shocked the judges because we brought many of the items that other teams didn’t bring. We also gave them lemonade. I forgot to mention that we gave each of the judges accessorizes like lemon necklaces and bracelets! Then we came back into our pits and relaxed until the robot games started. It was time to do the robot game. 1st round- was good except the crane mission did not work . 2nd round- was good didn’t go on bridge. 3rd round- was same as 2nd round. We anxiously waited for our results and the awards started. They gave every team member a participation medal for going through this stage. As we waited, an announcer yelled, ” In the Judges Award, we have a rising star team here! 4…..8……0…….0…….9….. THE E-LEMON-ATORS!!!!!” The suspense killed every single one of my team members and we were very happy. Sadly, we did not get to the World Festival. But there are many more years to come!



What is Judge’s Award?

According to , the judge’s award is during the course of competition the judges may encounter teams whose unique efforts, performance or dynamics merit recognition. Some teams have a story that sets them apart in a noteworthy way. Sometimes a team is so close to winning an award that the judges choose to give special recognition to the team. Judges Awards allow the freedom to recognize remarkable teams that stand out for reasons other than the Core Award categories. Examples include: Against All Odds or Overcoming Adversity or Perseverance
This award goes to the team that improvises and overcomes a difficult situation while still making a respectable showing, with an attitude that shows, “We can overcome incredible odds if we never give up, no matter what!”

What is Rising Star Award?

According to , the rising star award means it recognizes a team that the judges notice and expect great things from in the future.

Where is the World tournament?

There were 2 locations for world FLL but due to COVID-19 or the Coronavirus the world FLL was canceled. The locations were Houston, Texas and Detroit.

Why do you need to work hard to be successful?

Do you think getting a hundred on a test was because you are smart, or was it because you gradually work hard and tried to get a good grade? Even though you got a hundred, you are diligent to accomplish your goal. Hard work is the effort of trying your best to complete or achieve your mission. As a matter of fact, when you are determined to fulfill your objective, you automatically start trying your best.

For instance, Outcasts United, by Warren St. John, Luma the soccer coach, was determined to unite a team called the Fugees. Sadly, her attempt into pushing the team failed. She tried her best to make the kids run laps, juggle soccer balls, score goals, pass the ball, and many more. The issue was that the kids weren’t taking her seriously because she is a woman. Some of the kids judged her and did not listen to her. When the first game started, they were miserable. They played as an individual, and not as a team. When Luma realized that, she worked on some ideas to make them win and to prove them wrong. After she made the Fugee’s work repeatedly so much at their third game they finally won. Consequently, to be successful means, you should strive to target your dreams or ambition.

Another example is every year starting from third to twelfth grade, there is a state test called STAAR. This state assessment that I study for, is what colleges look at. If I want to go to my dream college(MIT), then I have to be conscientious for it. I get good grades on the STAAR by taking previous STAAR tests, practice tests, Khan Academy, books, and etc. When I do all of this, I usually get none wrong on the STAAR test. This is because I practiced and I am committed to do well on the test.

All things considered, working hard in order to succeed can happen in any job, grade, or person, but no matter if it is with me or the soccer coach, we always put our best foot forward to succeed!

Day 1 of my journey in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park/GSM- May 24, 2019.

From Texas to Louisiana, to Mississippi to Alabama, and to Tennessee. That was the beginning of the trip, folks. My parents and I stayed in a hotel called, Springhill Marriott in Pigeon Forge. I would give it 5 stars because the breakfast was great, the custodians were very helpful, and it was very comfy to sleep. After we relaxed in the hotel, we went to a very unpleasant restaurant called Johnny Carino’s. I highly do not recommend it. When we came back to the hotel, my parents and I soon fell asleep solid like a rock, after all, it was a hectic day.

Day 2 of GSM

This is where the real adventure starts. We went to a hiking trail toward Grotto Falls. The difficulty of the trail was medium, or moderate, and the hike was 2.6 miles round trip. The falls did look pretty and there was a good amount of wildlife there. I found baby Eastern Woodrats and a salamander. This place is known for a lot of salamanders. I also went behind the waterfalls! After we were done with hiking, we ate at No Way Jose Cantina’s which was really good for lunch, and then we went to SkyLift Park: a tram in Gatlinburg. It was totally worth it because you get to cross the United States longest bridge for pedestrian suspension bridge, which has a glass bottom in the middle of the bridge. Sadly, I didn’t get to cross it because it closed. But the attendant said we can go tomorrow for free.

Near bridge
A stream

Day 3 of GSM

In the afternoon, around 12pm, my parents and I crossed the Sky Bridge, and it was a very beautiful scenery. The bridge is 150 feet above the city of Gatlinburg, and 700 feet long in length. When we went to the middle of the bridge, there was a glass bottom which made my legs quiver and shake. All day we wandered in Gatlinburg looking at bunch of tourist traps, stuffed bears, and souvenir shops. In the end, I bought a Sasquatch shirt so I remember GSM and because I, believe in Bigfoot.


Day 4 of GSM

I woke up bright and early when the sun was shining. Today is a big day, well I thought at least. We were going to Cade’s Cove and, a lot of people on Google reviews said that they have a least saw a black bear. I was terribly disappointed with the day that we chose to go. While we were in the car going on an 11 mile loop, we just saw flabbergasting scenery. And yes, a field of nothing. Suddenly all cars stopped and some people said that they have seen a mama bear and two cubs. I was downhearted because I could not see any black bears, and on top of that I used a binocular and they didn’t! All my hope drowned in a sewer drainage system after I experienced that. No bears or any other wildlife in Cade’s Cove visiting us on that day. Other than the pretty scenery, I was dreadfully disappointed in Cade’s Cove.

Day 5 of GSM

I would say that this day would be the best day out of all of the days. My parents and I were going on a hike to Laurel Falls that was 2.6 miles round trip, while I was slurping berry juice from Starbucks. The mild elevation was what made the hike hard, otherwise it would be easy. While I was enjoying the drink and the scenery, out of nowhere there was a tourist who said,”There is a BLACK BEAR coming in your direction.” Then out of nowhere I saw the cutest, wild animal I have ever seen in my entire life jogging toward me and my mom, that looked very concerned. It was a baby Black Bear and it was SO cute. I was so stunned I stood in place and looked at the bear in awe. After we saw the adorable bear, my parents and I walked step-by-step to Laurel Falls. Finally in an hour, we arrived to the falls. It was very beautiful and worth the walk. After we finished hiking we drove to go horse-back riding. After 2 hours, we arrived at the horse-back riding center led by National Park Service. After we registered, I got a horse for riding named, Scooter. At first the ride was very bumpy and my horse was going very fast. Then, I saw streams along the way and one wild adult black bear. So I used the reins to control Scooter’s speed. If he went too fast I would have to slap him with the reins, according to the guide (sadly). This was a very enjoyable experience for me and so was the hike.



Day 6 Of GSM

Today I went to Clingsman’s Dome, the tallest point in GSM, and was more than 6000 feet tall in elevation. The hike was a really easy paved path, but it was very steep and had a one mile round trip. While I was walking, I took lots of pictures of nature and scenery. It was like I was touching the clouds. Since I was really excited to go up, I was the first one to stroll to the top of the tower, out of my family.

Day 7 of GSM

Today we went to Anakeesta, a sky tram that was definitely worth the joyride. Although it was a bit pricey and no water bottles allowed at the tram, my family and I enjoyed it. We even got a little treat in the end. That’s going to be a surprise. We went up the tram which is about 15 minutes long. And then my mom and I did the first single roller coaster in the US. The ride was very fun because you can control the brakes and acceleration. In the evening, I got BlueBell’s cookies and cream milkshake which was really good. The tree canopy was the best though. It was a must that we all go on it. The trees were huge and so were the bridges. Sadly, the zip line tour closes at 7 pm so there wasn’t much to do except gaze at the sunset and mountains. While we were coming down, my parents and I saw a bunch of fireflies synchronizing at night (this was the surprise).