My wonderful ART

This is where all my BEST artwork is, so take a peek!.

This is…… OLAF!!!! I did pencil shading with 9b and 2b pencils( I was 9 years old)
This is a husky pup. I used a 2b pencil and a 9b pencil (I was 9 years old)
This is a tree in a forest fire. I used oil pastels (I was 9 years old)
This is native people in a traditional clothing. I used paint (I was 9 years old)
Just shaded wine and high heels with 2b and 9b pencils. (I was 9 years old)
I used a pencil for this. (I was 9 years old)
The Chug Jug. (I was 10 years old)
Medkit (I was 10 years old)
The best Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (I was 10 years old)
Hibiscus flowers and buds. Used prisma colors, sharpie and pencil for shading. (I was 10 years old)
V-bucks in Fortnite. Used sharpie and pencil. (I was 10 years old)
Fornite’s default pickaxe. Used sharpie and colored pencils (I was 10 years old)
Drew a realistic eye. Used 9b pencil and 2b pencil. (I was 10 years old)