My wonderful ART

This is where all my BEST artwork is, so take a peek!.

This is a keel-billed toucan. I was inspired to paint this because of my trip to Costa Rica. I used oil painting to create the bird. This was made December 2, 2021.
This is…… OLAF!!!! I did pencil shading with 9b and 2b pencils( I was 9 years old)
This is a husky pup. I used a 2b pencil and a 9b pencil (I was 9 years old)
This is a tree in a forest fire. I used oil pastels (I was 9 years old)
This is native people in a traditional clothing. I used paint (I was 9 years old)
Just shaded wine and high heels with 2b and 9b pencils. (I was 9 years old)
I used a pencil for this. (I was 9 years old)
Hibiscus flowers and buds. Used prisma colors, sharpie and pencil for shading. (I was 10 years old)
Drew a realistic eye. Used 9b pencil and 2b pencil. (I was 10 years old)