The puppy that changed my life

June 17, 2022 is the day that changed my life forever. A new fur baby is welcomed into my life. With five years of asking for a dog, I finally got him. The golden hue on his face brights up anyone’s day. My mini goldendoodle, Laddu. He was 8 weeks old when I got him. I traveled from Houston to North Austin and it was the best decision of my life. When I saw him, my heart grew ten times its size. I knew this was my dream and I want him to have the best of the best. He slept on my lap during the two hour drive and he created so much warmth in my heart. When he came home, he immediately adjusted to his surroundings. He was quiet at first, but as time went on he grew too fast. Unlike a human baby, puppies grow very fast. We took him out to the backyard after he grew up a little bit, and he picked up on potty training very quickly. During these times, I cherished the wholesome moments because Laddu won’t stay small forever. I taught him so much already: sit, paw, stay, peeing and pooping on command, speak, and touching objects with his nose! He is so smart that he learned how to get out of his crate in the middle of the night and create a big mess in the house. Thank god, we puppy proofed everything so he wouldn’t mark his territory everywhere else. Bathing him is a trouble. He HATES water. I think you get what i mean. Playing soccer with Laddu is one of my favorite pass times because he’s so good at blocking and stealing the ball. Lastly, his zoomies are the world’s most adorable thing to watch. He zooms at top speeds, dodging each obstacle with an incredible reflex. I hope these stay the same as always!

Laddu at 8 weeks
Laddu around 10 weeks
Laddu at 12 weeks