Day 7 of GSM

Today we went to Anakeesta, a sky tram that was definitely worth the joyride. Although it was a bit pricey and no water bottles allowed at the tram, my family and I enjoyed it. We even got a little treat in the end. That’s going to be a surprise. We went up the tram which is about 15 minutes long. And then my mom and I did the first single roller coaster in the US. The ride was very fun because you can control the brakes and acceleration. In the evening, I got BlueBell’s cookies and cream milkshake which was really good. The tree canopy was the best though. It was a must that we all go on it. The trees were huge and so were the bridges. Sadly, the zip line tour closes at 7 pm so there wasn’t much to do except gaze at the sunset and mountains. While we were coming down, my parents and I saw a bunch of fireflies synchronizing at night (this was the surprise).

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