How did the community support each other during covid-19?

      You have to stay six feet apart. This is called social distancing. Did we follow their orders? There were some mixed reactions in some people not appearing to follow the recommendations and others were more serious in following them. During quarantine we still support and help each other during the coronavirus. This includes providing free testing sites, giving out masks and honoring the medical field. 

A school district known as Katy Independent School District (Katy-ISD) provided a free testing site area. The Texas government supplies free testing kits in certain places of the county. The only problem is though there aren’t enough places that will allow the government to do free testing. That’s why a school district allowed them to test on their property. Other places started doing the same. NRG stadium bought many hospital beds for around a million dollars. Unfortunately the money got wasted because there weren’t as many cases as expected. This proves that the community supports everyone no matter what during the Coronavirus.

         For example, the app Nextdoor provides people with the resources of selling masks to customers who did not have and needed masks. These people are helping others like my family and I, so the risk of spreading coronavirus is decreasing. Gallery Furnitures so far has had two mask giveaways for people who don’t have one. One mask per person in the car was the rule. Jim McIngvale, the owner of Gallery Furnitures was the one who gave out fifteen thousand masks. This is an example of how the community supported each other during the pandemic crisis.

        The government in Texas honored people working in the medical field because they do a lot of work to put a stop to the pandemic. The Texas government honors and encourages them by flying Blue Angels planes across Texas to show the tribute they have for doctors, nurses, etc. This proves that the government admires the medical field. 

To conclude, even though we have social distancing we still assist others for their needs. We can aid the community by doing money giveaways, blood donation, giving funds, and much more. The actions of doing something small for the community can evolve into something major for the entire community.

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